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Snorkel Breather Identification

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Hi all - would appreciate some help identifying a breather which I recently acquired in a job lot of parts.

The one with a straight down tube (RH one in first photo) is the usual 4 pot one , TR2-4 as far as I know, but what is the other one from with a curved downtube ( LH one in first photo)? ( yet again the second photo has been inverted when I downloaded it from my photo library and I have no idea why it's doing this!).

The "curved" one doesn't appear to been modified from a straight one and it's fixing bracket is in a different place and orientation so I'm assuming it must be a genuine part, but for what? Have searched the usual places without success so if anyone can ID it, I would be extremely grateful. 

Cheers Rich 

IMG_4352.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_4353.JPG - Resized.JPG

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Looks like the original one on my TR3 engine


(2013 photo)


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I think the more straight one looks like the one on my TR2 longdoor.

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Having had both breather pipes fitted to engines belonging to both TR2-TR3/3a. I was led to believe that the curved one was fitted at some stage as a modification in the TR3 production to allow easier access for the removal of the oil filter canister.

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