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Un-pinning a topic (if indeed it is even pinned)

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When I open the TR6 forum, one topic is always at the top of the list even though there are no recent replies. It appears to be “pinned”, at least there is an icon of a drawing pin next to the topic title.

Is this something I have done? How can I un-pin this topic please?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Rob,

you can;t un-pin the thread. That is done by greater folk than us.

They are pinned there as they are considered useful forever - and indeed many are.

To overcome this you could click on 'Unread Content' and only see things that you have not already read.



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Hi Rob.

as Roger says, topics are 'Pinned' so they stay in the forefront of folks minds,

it certainly is notanything you have done.

The topic in question was pinned after a request, it seemed many TR6 folk didn't know fuel guages were to be calibrated.



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