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John Lennon 40th anniversary of his death

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Roger, this link is to a nice tribute performed by the son of a friend of mine.




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Agreed, very good and - not in any way to make this about ‘me’ - I was in New York at the time and remember it as a pretty miserable time all in all... 

This senseless killing was, of course, a huge shock (even in NY!) and it was around the same time that the first IRA hunger striker died, Bobby Sands, therefore a lot of anti-British sentiment around town; dockers would not ‘work’ our British flag ship etc. Also, it was a particularly bad winter, bitterly cold with icy winds.

The company had ‘promised’ To get all of us who had worked the previous one home for Xmas. However, all the flights had filled up with press / fans etc and as it was heading towards the wire I got the option to head out early on a jumbo or, Concorde if I would hang around longer...... Very very few regrets in my life - thought I’d have plenty more opportunities to fly Concorde - never did!

To finish on a happier note, still well remember first time I saw John Lennon.... Must have been mid 1960’s In Liverpool when my Mum took us along the end of the road on the promise that Beatles would be passing in an open top Rolls-Royce (think it was to get the freedom of the City or, part of the OBE’s?).... In fact, it turned out not to be an open top and we barely glimpsed them through the windows.

Brilliant memory however, for me as a 4 or 5 year old, was prior to this when a coal wagon had somehow got access; one of the coal men was stood on the flat-bed, black as you could imagine but with an (unlikely) brilliant white massive hanky which he waved whilst hollering to us, his captive audience.. He milked his 5 minutes of fame for all it was worth.... Massive anti-climax when the ‘fab four’ finally passed.......

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I went to school with a chap whose father was a doorman at the original Cavern Club. I asked if he could get one of Lennon's books autographed for me. Eventually the book turned up, signed "To Mum, love from Bert". I still don't know if that was JL's sense of humour, or just some random person's scrawl!


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