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TR6 Over Flow Pipe

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Like most, I cannot understand why the metal pipe leaves the radiator at such a weird angle? Ah well, the new plastic hose/pipe has just arrived. Slightly surprised that its so rigid and doesn't come over the cowl or avoid the wing tension bar easily! If I'm honest it doesn't look great either. My other cars had over flows & some had expansion tanks, but the hoses are rubber and locked on with jubilee clips. I'm thinking of not using the replacement pipe & finding a more flexible hose. Anyone found & fitted a better solution?

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I have replaced the old pipe with the horrible new bent nylon one, I used a a small length of rubber tube to join it to the radiator outlet, tight fit and no clamp needed  Just fits over the top of the radiator stay.


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whatever you do make sure that when the pipe is hot that it does not sag and rest against the radiator else you run the risk of abrasion and wearing a hole in the pipe through which air and eventually water can pass.  This plays havoc with the concept of expanding fluid into the bottle and then relying on the suck back as the engine cools as the sucking simply draws air in through the abraded hole.  If left for a while longer, It will also be possible for coolant to find this as a way out as the engine warms up.  This fault can be a devil to find when you first experience it, I can tell you. . . .

The correct pipe is tough for a reason and can be fitted relatively easily by using a short length of intermediary pipe to connect to the radiator and, has already been said hot water to soften the plastic to aid fitting!  Yes, I'm sorry but a bit more egg-sucking offered here.  The main thing is pipe routing.

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On 12/8/2020 at 9:18 AM, saffrontr said:

Guy, for completeness attached find a factory press release photo of the engine bay of the pre-production TR6, CP25001-O




Nice! And a Chrome Rocker Cover! Note the straight rubber hoses to the plenum, years ago a TR specialist nicked mine and replaced them with the later ones! Grrr!

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