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Workshop manual

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The factory workshop manual is usually a good start, Haynes also have good additional photographs.

Have a check here for a few electronic versions which will keep you going until you can get one to put oily fingerprints on :)


....... Andy 

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Many thanks for all the suggestions. I have now ordered the official Repair Manual, Haynes manual and another little book "Triumph TR6: Your Expert Guide to Common Problems & How to Fix Them" all from Wordery.com which currently has a 20% discount available, so good value.

I'm in Norfolk. For some reason, I show up as a registered user rather than TR Register member, despte having joined.....

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On 11/30/2020 at 8:59 PM, ntc said:

The Haynes is a waste of money 

Though Haynes try to do things without so many of the Special Tools that the BL manual will reference - though most of these things are quite simple and there are diagrams in the back. Photos in Haynes, though there seem to a be a lot of errors. Used one recently to change a front wheel bearing on a TransitConnect, it said 'remove brake caliper', then it said 'get an assistant to depress brake pedal whilst driveshaft 'bolt' (well its a nut but still..) is loosened'. Pretty sure those things are in the wrong order!  Parts Book handy also, was especialy useful doing a LHD to RHD  carb to PI, NonOD to OD conversion... But if there's meant to be a spring washer there, or which way round does a bolt go, it will show you. Get all the manuals you can, then come back to this forum....


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