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Victoria British to Moss Motors

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Hi All,

I don't think I've seen this posted elsewhere.  This morning (EST) I got the following email confirming the Moss Motors has acquired Victoria British.

This may not affect too many non-US-based TR owners, but I thought it worth posting...



November 23, 2020




After more than 30 years, Victoria British Ltd., a division of Long Motor Corporation, has decided to pass the baton to Moss Motors to carry on the tradition of supplying car parts and accessories for British car owners around the world.

The Moss Motors acquisition of Victoria British is aimed at maintaining the spirit of keeping British sports cars on the road. This historic blending of the best of both companies will ensure a strong supply and selection of parts to the benefit of our valued Victoria British customers.

President of Victoria British, Becky Hanrahan said, “It was not a decision that we made lightly. We were Victoria British before we were LMC Truck, but we know we have not been giving the British market the attention it deserves. We feel our customers would be better served by a company whose primary focus is the British car market.”

In the coming weeks, Moss Motors will be sharing more details of the transition. Meanwhile, we reflect on the many years and customers who have made Victoria British part of the British sports car ownership experience.

Thank you… and as always, we encourage you to “Keep’em On The Road®”


Victoria British, Ltd.

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