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New member and a question

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Hi everyone, 

Just a quick post to say hi' .  I have recently joined the ranks of TR5 owners with a 1968 model in new white.   

I'm currently fitting the stainless side trims and light units   . Its quite daunting drilling 30 odd holes in the pristine paintwork but it has to be done ! ( Once the first hole is drilled it gets easier .) 

I've got the trims on and happy with the result but i'm having issues with the light units . They don't seem to fit the curves of the wing particularly well and i've had to resort to some 're-shaping to get a good fit.  If i move the trim back 20mm the light fits quite well but then its in the wrong place of course .  Looking at photos of other cars the lights seem to have slightly differing positions, some running straight, others curving downwards .  I assume the correct position is when the end flat of the light body matches the angle of the ss strip. 

I've found the light body is quite forgiving and i'm able to grind the edge profile to improve the fit without damaging the chrome . They are replacement bodies but seem the same as the originals . 

Any advice on this be great, thanks . 




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Hi , thanks for the responses, 

Peter, yes I have the rubber gaskets , I’m trying to get the profile to run tight along this on the top edge at least . 
As Graham says , I’ll just keep adjusting until I’m happy. 
I did very nearly put the door trims on the wrong side . I found pics of cars with these both ways up but have it correct now . 

this seems to becoming something of an obsession. 

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