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Windscreen supports.

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Good evening. My shell has been stripped of everything except the windscreen support brackets,(deuz fastener type). I have tried to undo them but they're somewhat reluctant. I've noticed other projects on the Web that also still have them in place, which reinforces my decision to leave well alone and paint round them. I suspect trying too hard to get them off will result in more damage than it's worth. 

Am I right to do this? I feel a bit guilty, like I'm cheating! 


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If your going to leave them in place have a real good look at the metal around them as its usually rotten.


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Hi Colin.

Plus 2 for the remarks above. I too would want to remove the stanchion plates prior to a respray for the best end result. With care you will be able drill out the holding screws. If you did damage the treads there are several "thread inserts" on the market that you could use to make good the fixing screw locations. If "push really came to shove" you could drill a small pilot hole straight through to the inner RHS footwell wall. From the inside, open up the hole big enough to pass a small socket to carry a lock nut. From the outside fit the stanchion plate in the usual way.


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I got them out. Plenty heat and an impact driver. The surrounding steel was surprisingly sound. Thanks guys. 

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