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The AA carry a spacesaver spare with lots of different adapters to loan members who get stuck without a spare. I size fits anything. Where is the legality in that then and would they lend it to someone with a classic car to get them to the nearest tyre depot?


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On 11/14/2020 at 11:36 AM, stuart said:

You all seem to have forgotten one other problem with different size spare wheels leaving aside the legalities is what the F*** do you do with the large punctured wheel youve just taken off? Im sure the missus would love having it on her lap :lol:



My TR4a has the 165 tyres, with a spare which fits the well perfectly.

But my Z3 has 225s/7.5J on the front and 245s/8.5J on the rear. Z3s normally have a space saver slung under the car in a carrier, which the majority of owners take off and leave in the garage.  The boot is not big enough to take the road wheels, so the only option for a punctured wheel is the passenger seat.  BMW used to sell a special bag to put it in so that it didn't mark the seats or you other half's clothes.  Most of us carry an aerosol repair kit and drive home carefully, any damaged tyre is then confined to the great tyre dump and a new axle-pair fitted.  You never ever repair the tyre on a 326 BHP car!


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I'll drop this comment in the snug and see how it goes.....

About 12 years ago I ran a Vauxhall Omega estate as my shed, excellent load lugger BUT it was build on the Carlton floor pan. The Carlton ran 15" dia wheels as standard. The Omega ran 16"s, 17"s and even 18" rims (don't even get started on the width differences). Non of these would fit in the spare wheel well as it was the pressing for the Carlton. The Omega carried, as standard, from the factory a 15" standard steel wheel yet my road wheels, as standard, from the factory were 17".

and which service used the Omega extensively in the UK for a period of 10-15 years?


On the Peerless I'm running 5.5j wires and 185 X 70 tyres the spare is 4.5j steel and 155..... Painted yellow and black:lol:

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