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US Rigged Voting

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I agree that both Biden and Trump are too old to be the US President.  The TRouble is that the Oldies are increasing in numbers within the population and find it hard to have any respect or faith in many of the younger Politicians, for example Tony Blair and David Cameron are two British Prime Ministers I had no respect for or any faith in and they are both just a bit younger than me.

Someone will now probably bring BoJo into this discussion but I am telling you now that in him I do have both respect and faith.

I should also add that I did respect Obama he was a great guy and his wife was a good ambassador and help to him.

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14 hours ago, TorontoTim said:

Stan - as you imply, with all due respect to the maturity of many of us, I'd much rather see someone no more than in their 50s as leading a country. 

Just my view, of course. 


I'd have to disagree on that, both for presidential and parliamentary democracies. The head of government's job is principally to lay out a broad agenda for government and to chair the cabinet (however that's termed), and in a presidential system also to decide when to exercise his/her veto on legislation. But I don't see some particular energy or faculty exclusive to relative youth being necessary for any of those functions. Good judgement is surely what counts? I'm sure we all know plenty of people in their 70s or even their 80s who are at the peak of their wits and abilities to make good decisions, even if some have passed that point for sure.

For full disclosure, I'm 61, although I acknowledge there's an inherent 'direction of travel' :)




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22 hours ago, duncan said:

Takes you back to the old USSR, where the geriatrics in power had to be held upright they were so decrepit  :ph34r:

I recall way back when spitting image did a Brezhnev skit when rumours  he had died We’re denied by Moscow. He was shown at a board meeting with someone tipping ice cubes down his neck to keep him fresh.:D

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