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TR6 Rear Bump Stop Bracket

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I suspect that the rear wheel arch mounted brackets can rot out from the inside, so was planning to remove, treat and replace the contact faces during my TR6 rebuild.  However, the square shaped face is dished in, so please can someone advise if they started flat, but have dished as the result of repeated bump stop action, or if the originals did have concave faces? 


TR6 Bump Stop Bracket.jpg

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They do rot. See photo of my TR5 nearside inner wheel arch. That patch was fitted during a 1993 restoration for the previous owner. I had no idea it was there until I stripped out the trim for my current restoration. It's not pretty but appears to be sound so I'm leaving it, but I have dressed the welds.

It seems that water enters the bump stop "buttress" through not particularly sound factory welding and rots out from inside that box. I've had all the outer welds redone to prevent future water ingress and will drill a hole in the box so that I can seal it internally with Waxoyl and then seal the hole with a rubber bung. 

Dave McD


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Dave, luckily no horrors on this part of my car... must be the only sound bit I have found!

Visible corrosion was limited to some rust forcing one of the bottom plate tags away from the main bracket. As I am doing a "cut out all rust" restoration this tag was removed, revealing matching corrosion on the side of the bracket, so 15mm of this was trimmed away. This allowed me to look and feel around inside the bracket; I was very surprised to find only surface rust and no obvious thinning of the concave cap. 

Will consider drilling a drain hole at the lowest point of the bracket, which might also allow for future wax injection

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