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Although it appears solid the rear spring crossmember on my 4A is twisting on the o/s so I intend to take the body off to investigate. As I have access to heavy lifting gear what would be the minimum, panel wise, I would need to remove before lifting. Also where on the body/tube is it safe to put straps?

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Check this tread 

I didn't have to remove the bonnet as I used different anchor points at the front namely the holes where the inner wings attach to the turret braces. 

Keep the doors closed and strapped together 





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Hi Phil,


I'm brand new to this forum but not brand new to TR's - I've owned my '4a since 84 (off the road since 89 in favour of a TR6 and GT6, then Porsches).

When I was about 20 I did a frame replacement.  The body is not that heavy  so you can get any with a 1/2 ton or greater come-along or ratchet hoist.  I recall using the bonnet and seat belt mounts as anchor points to start.  Once you have lifted the body up a bit, place timbers between the frame and body.  Then, use ropes around the timbers at the centre of the arches to lift further.

You most likely have a cracked upper spring cross member.  This is common.  Pay particular attention to the differential body pins as this is where the problem often starts- right forward is common.  Boxing in this section helps, but you also need to address the top crack.

Disclosure:  I just joined but have had my 4a since 84 and have rebuilt two TR6's since, though also many years ago.  I'm dragging my memory back as I recently decided to ditch my Porsche 914 and get back to the car I owned as a kid in the 80's.  Blog to follow :-).




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Welcome to our forum Dave,

I'm glad you've finally, 'Seen the Light' and come back from the Dark Side!

It sounds like you have much to bring, and I look forward to reading of your experiences.


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I invited 8 friends over for a barbecue. After plying them with food a drink I asked them to he garage to see my project ..  I had everything disconnected and we easily lifted the body off and placed it on the dolly .  

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