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Triumph TR3a Clutch bleed problem solved.

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Dear All,

I have had a terrible problem bleeding my 1960 TR3a Clutch Hydraulic system over the last 6 weeks... It has driven me MAD! And i can report that most of this was due to inaccurate information on the internet. Due to positioning of the replacement New Slave Cylinder.  THIS FITS ONTO THE BRACKET FROM THE GEARBOX SIDE !  My car was a one owner USA 94,000m vehicle, that i personally bought from the original owner in USA 32yrs ago. I have only just got around to restoring it in my retirement. Fortunately i took pictures of the position of orig slave cylinder when i took it off the car to restore the clutch and gearbox. However, when i assembled the car, i followed a lot of posts on the internet and Forums which stated (with images) that the slave cylinder should be mounted on the engine side of the mounting bracket for proper fitment. This i did, and despite bleeding the Clutch approximately 10 times on different occasions, i could not dispell all of the air in the system, which then give me cause to Re-Mount it on the gearbox side of the mounting bracket. PROBLEM SOLVED. I then had full travel to Bleed the cyclinder in a conventional manner without the need for a Vacuum Bleed. (Also make sure Bleed nipple is located is at top of the cyl, above the feed pipe).

If you look on Google images you will see many images depicting both fore and aft of the Bracket.  WHY??????

Another good tip is: use the coarser looking casting TRW/Girling 0.75 type of Master Cylinder.Which is upwards of £65.00 + vat.Which i am told has better quality internals,  Rather than the cheaper M... Motors supplied Asian alternative. (I believe i had poor interior seal, and external thread seal leakage experience with these as well, but i may have been unlucky). 

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum

you should have asked question on this forum.

The slave fits into the bracket from the engine side AND the bracket attaches to the Gearbox mounting flange.

Well found out and solved.

Where about.s are in the world.



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The workshop manual is for a TR2 and shows a Lockheed slave cylinder. When they moved to Girling for the TR3 the position of the slave cylinder changed to the other side of the gearbox flange. 

Rgds Ian

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As Ian says.   This is the correct position for a TR3A with the Girling cylinder:



It would not be possible to mount it on the rear face as the push-rod would be too long (the thread protrudes into the yoke if you adjust it too far)  - perhaps the rod on your car has been shortened Steve ? 

I cannot fathom why the position of the cylinder should have any effect on bleeding of the system though.

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If you need a quality Master Cylinder send your old one to Past Parts who fit a new stainless steel sleeve and a proper seal. A forum user from USA researched the finished internal surface  of a number of new cylinders and some were very rough. PP did both my master cylinders and the slave. I never had a problem since then. Good luck Richard &B

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