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A-Type Overdrive Rear Oil Seal Replacement

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Hi All,

Has anyone successfully replaced this seal with the gearbox / overdrive still in the car ? It looks a bit marginal for space behind the prop drive flange to draw the flange back far enough, and based on a tightening torque of 110 lbf ft, it maybe a struggle to get the flange off anyway without a puller.

Thanks in advance,



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Shouldn't be too difficult. The drive flange usually doesn't need a puller to remove it. The removing of the seal can be a challenge unless you use a ´parrot's beak' lever arrangement to avoid damaging the flange on the box.

Biggest hassle is putting the gearbox cover back.


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Job done, so I thought I'd mention a few things that might help someone else with the same task:

- to draw off the rear flange, the propshaft is in the way. It will not drop low enough due to the chassis. By removing the rear gearbox mounting bolts and the top 3 bellhousing studs (to just clear the bulkhead) the rear of the box can be jacked up high enough to tap the flange off.

- an old, cut down clutch release brg carrier is just the right o/d, with a large washer and the flange nut to wind in the new rear seal.

- a drilled bar bolted to the rear flange and braced to the floor, holds everything still to undo / retorque the flange nut. 

All the best,


Odrive real oil seal2.JPG

Odrive real oil seal1.JPG

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