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LED flasher problem

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I have fitted led bulbs to the indicators, I did not fit an led bulb to the indicator warning light and fitted an led flasher relay. The indicators now flash quite fast and was mentioned at my car’s last MoT. Is the indicator speed problem being caused by my failure(ignorance) to fit an led bulb to the warning light please.

If the problem is down to the flasher relay can you recommend a replacement one please?



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I fitted this to regulate my flasher speed ( even with std bulbs) and it’s led compatible and it does mixed led and std bulbs.




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That's the one I always recommend.   The warning light will not have any effect on the flash rate whether it's LED or not.

Have you a photo of the flasher unit you are using - & where it came from ?


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I have some history using electronic flashers which may assist. On the TR7 there are two separate flashers for the hazard and indicator lights & as the 7 flashers are notorious for suffering from poor flash rates due to earthing problems I swapped for the original indicator flasher for the electronic version. Roll on a few years and I fitted LED indicator bulbs, but at the time I was unaware that there was a separate hazard flasher - so the indicators worked correctly, but the hazards were much to fast!

As a short term fix I fitted 6.8 ohm 50Watt resistors in parallel with the LED indicator bulbs - this negated the energy saving but the LED bulbs were brighter so  I did not want to switch back.

So I had a the original GFU 2204 hazard and an SBF190 electronic flasher for the indicators which worked well until early this year when I spent a couple of moths tidying all the wiring issues on my 7. I removed the resistors & replaced the GFU2204 hazard with the Classic Cars LED flasher (C13ANL -R-C) & the hazards now worked correctly, but to my surprise the indicators flash rate was now much to fast. I then also replaced the original electronic indicator flasher with the Classic Cars LED flasher (C13ANL -R-C) which worked correctly. 

My guess is that using the original SBF190 electronic flasher with standard bulbs causes internal degradation and that replacing it solved the problem.

Technically there is no issue with using standard bulbs in the dash & LED's in the indicators.

Hope this helps


PS I am a Chartered Electrical Engineer for what its worth


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