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1974 CR. Die pressed aluminium or retro 70s plastic plates?

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On 9/27/2020 at 10:26 AM, Iruka said:

Hi, My 73 CR has metal plates with raised lettering. I had this type on my original  TR 6 back in 1975, which was also registered in 1973. 
Regards Steve




I like those where did you get them from?


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Hi Darren, the plates were on the car when I bought it. A quick trawl on the internet came up with these guys. Seems they do the raised digits. Plate style 7.




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Hi GeoffreyS this time another intimidating rear black this time, I love the C3/C5 Corvette rear.

From day one I am that old at launch, I loved the TR6 rear matt Black panel and still do, quite unusual on cars back then, I even went to look at a lovely Mimosa TR6 from a dealer before I purchased my British Racing Green TR6, and would have only purchased it if the Mimosa rear panel had been repainted matt Black which they would have been happy to do.

For me the Black rear numbers plate blends in so well and looks great, but over to you :) so many choices, and it's only a number plate :D.

Hi Chris Seymour I had forgotten all about those lovely Black and Silver plastic number plates, back in my day they only seemed to be fitted to exotic cars like the Ferrari Dino 246GT Mercedes 230/280SL’s etc, and I don't think I could afford a pair. 

1980 Corvette.jpg


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