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K&N or other Performance Filter: Advice Please

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Hi All,

Can anyone help: What is the biggest depth K&N filter that will fit on the front H6 SU of a TR3a, with standard inlet manifold please? The reason I ask is that I have a pair of 30mm trumpets that ideally need >25mm clearance with the filter cover. I bought a set of 63mm deep traditional style K&N round / straight-sided filters but they are too deep to fit on the front carb. I have seen some wide cone-shaped filters that look like this, but not found them to fit the H6 carbs:


If I can find these at 50mm deep or more, they would work well.

Any help gratefully received.


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Thanks for the thoughts Chaps,

As our TR3a has just undergone 10+ year, ground up restoration, I don't fancy taking a hammer to it for the K&N to fit. Also, the cone filter offset holes will not provide the clearance I need for the 30mm trumpets, as noted above. However, I now have a new plan. Ideally, I would like at least 35mm clearance between the mouth of the trumpets and the outer filter cover. Plus, to fit the trumpets, I need a removable outer cover. So, ideally I need to stick with the 63mm x 150mm round, straight sided K&N filters.

These are them (part number 50-9097):


So, I gave K&N a call today and asked if they can sell the baseplate with no holes cut, other than for the pillars to attach the top cover. Thankfully they do this for "specials" and the blank baseplate is only £11. So, I have ordered two, and a 1.75" hole cutter from Frosts. The plan being to cut an offset hole that allows me to fit the 63mm deep filter to the front carb, then create a mirror copy on the other filter and fit that to the rear, so they look the same. Either both mounted higher, with the hole offset to the bottom (assuming I have enough clearance under the bonnet), or with the hole offset to the side, so the two filters are closer together in between the carbs (assuming the posts do not get in the way of course).


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