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From the second photo, I thought it was a Fred and Barny propulsion system..........



Look who's arrived on the front cover of TR Action 223 and it ain't Wilma!!!!




Let me know if you want me to post the rest of the pictures not in the magazine.......

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I have a Ford V8 in my TR4A and love the power and how easy it is to get parts, granted I have about 2000 miles on it since I got it and other than an oil change and a new speedo and Tach, I haven't had to do much to it. It also looks stock from the outside.


It looks like they did a good job on the swap, I bet that car runs great with the Fuel injection. It looks like they cut the inner fender to make it fit, which is to bad if they ever wanted to change it back to stock.

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Crumbs. 638 viewings already.

It seems we rather like this idea.

Perhaps the Register could set up a separate company to carry out V8 transplants.

Make mine a 4-barrel.


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Very nice TR6!


In one of the photos in the gallery there is mention of 195BHP. Is that at the flywheel or at the rear tyres?



I have been informed by Austec Racing that it was at the rear wheels.

This is going to change this winter though as we are changing the cam and heads along with the fuel pump.

Hoping for another 20-30 gee gees and better performance at top end.

see www.letherby.com for updates if interrested.

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All the photos now available at www.letherby.com Enjoy.........


Thanks Clive, I did, and it gave me a greater perspective of the errrrr, the 6………..both of them!!! :wub:


Seriously, the finished article must give immense satisfaction………but shhh, there may be some purists out there and ‘out there’! :rolleyes:




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