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Hi All

Tried a search on this but after 14 pages gave up. I have a RHD CP 6 and I need to replace the Tacho cable but there are a number of sizes I see. My inner cable length is roughly 42 inches (old school) and the are cables availanle are from 39 to 48 inches. Can anyone tell me the correct length for my TR6, do I have the wrong one in the first place ?

Thanks to all who reply 

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1 hour ago, stevenphillips said:

Hi Roger 

Thanks for the reply , I assume that's the correct length then


Never measured mine. It works, when I get cables replaced I just give a local instrument specialist the old one and he replicates it. There's been a lot of messing about with my tacho and speedo cables over the years, so I cant trust the books.

Does your old cable work ? 

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When I replaced mine a few years back there was a train of thought that fitting the longer cable was the better option.

Less strain at the bend points etc. The longer one has been on my car over 6 years with no problems and was easier to fit and position on the car.


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Brian, I think you are talking about complete cable assemblies and Steve is talking about inner cables. Obviously , the inner cable assembly has to match the existing outer if the outer is retained.

That said, if there's any uncertainty about the  inner length, it's probably better to replace the complete assembly rather than risking a too long inner destroying the tacho internals . 


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