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Will these wire wheels 'really' not fit?

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I'm thinking of buying the above black (Centre Laced) wire wheels for my TR250. The guidance states that they are only for a TR6 and only with modfied front & rear wings!  Is this correct that the arches must be adapted to fit these wheels?  Is there nothing else that can be done? Does anyone know of any other black wire wheels with splines AND centre laced spokes that may be suitable?  Philip

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I suspect the reason they say bodywork mods required is because the centre laced ones do stick out more due to less inset and as theyre a German owned company they probably dont pass their equivalent of MOT.


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Nice pic Mark, look great on the TR & interesting in what you say Stuart.  AS MWS aren't too far away from me I may go and make a visit and chat with them. 



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I have centre laced 6 x15 fitted to my TR 250 with 195/65 x15 tyres.

They do require sustantial work to fit. I have fibreglass front wings so I cut them around ther rear 3/4 of the arch and pulled the arch lip out about an inch before filling the gap with fibreglass and repainting. Before I did this the front of the car was always covered in mud as the tyres protrude past the arches and living in the countryside down muddy lanes this was a big problem

At the rear the  (steel) wings were spaced out about 1 inch on the bumper mounts, the bumpers were flexible enough to permit this, but have subsequently been removed as they were going rusty (again)

I also welded up the holes in the trailing arm mounting brackets and redrilled them half an inch to one side to move the entire rear suspension in a bit each side.

The modifications to the rear end are not noticeable, most people don't notice the flared front arches unless they are pointed out.

I only went to all this trouble as the car was my daily driver and I was averaging 5 punctures per year over a 12000 mile average annual mileage with the normal wires  due to the tubes chafing, and the centre laced allowed tubeless tyres to be fitted. They are also stronger which with the level of abuse they have withstood over the years is important.


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5 hours ago, stillp said:

Didn't you have spoke bands fitted?

Yes I did but it wasn't normally there the tubes chafed through. Sometimes it was just that the inside of the tyre was too rough. One time it was a tiny metallic quality control sticker about a quarter of the size of a fingernail. The first set of tubes I was supplied with were too large and creased resulting in splitting on the folds. I was using 195/60 tyres back then and low profile tubes didn't exist and using 155 tubes over inflated was the most reliable option. Trying to explain this in France when I had a puncture out there was problem until I found  a young girl who had just left school working in the petrol station who could speak better english than my schoolboy french.

My first experience of centre laced tubeless rims wasn't brilliant either. Two went flat before I had fitted them to the car, they were not sealed properly around the spokes They were replaced under warranty. A year or so later another one went down with the same problem. An air bubble was trapped in the silicone sealant with only about 1mm of sealant over the bubble but a squirt of silicone instant gasket into the hole fixed that. I wore out three sets of tyres on the first set of rims with no punctures then sold them and fitted a new set before they got too cosmetically challenged. Hot brake pad dust from track days tends to bugger the powder coat but structually they were still perfect. The set currently fitted have not given me any problems apart from rust due to stone chipping and years in use.

I have 5 Triumphs now so the TR doesn't do anywhere near the mileage it used to


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