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Info on Old Dupont Drago Cigarette Lighter

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Hi everyone - I know there are lots of very knowledgeable collectors here on the Forum and I just wondered if anyone could give me some info on this lighter which I have come across whilst clearing out a family home.  Any ideas if it is valuable?

I suspect it has something to do with my stepfather who was in the RAF during the last war and spent much of it in the far east fighting the Japanese and then lived in Australia for many years before returning to the UK.

Any help much appreciated - have some other bits I may be seeking help on as well, so there will be more asks to come!

Cheers  Rich

IMG_3926.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3925.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3927.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3928.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3929.JPG - Resized.JPG

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Graham - thanks and wow and a great start.

The ebay one in Graham's link doesn't have the anchor and dolphin emblem on the other side - I wonder if that adds or detracts from it?

Cheers Rich

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I thought the emblem might be related to the submarine service, but they tend to have 2 dolphins, however Google is your best friend and it might be that the emblem has something to do with the Latin phrase Festina lente which basically means make haste slowly.  

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