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Hi All,

has any one got a photo of a standard TR4 front hood fiting, the hood to windscreen top capping, or can they

explain what it should be, I only have a Surrey  Fixing.



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I think the image here shews the extended lip of the screen capping that the soft top front flap with Spring steel reinforcers slips into.  Same method is used for Surrey fabric.


Peter W


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I'm pretty sure, like others have said, they are the same.

See photos below - IMG 3903-5 are from my soft top TR4, whilst IMG 3906-7 are from the windscreen top of a Surrey top 4A - they look the same to me

Hope this helps

Cheers Rich

IMG_3903.jpg - Resized.jpg

IMG_3904.jpg - Resized.jpg

IMG_3905.jpg - Resized.jpg

IMG_3906.jpg - Resized.jpg

IMG_3907.jpg - Resized.jpg

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6 minutes ago, John Morrison said:

Thanks Guys,

so is it the case that the original Surrey top fixing, i.e. tuck under the hood,

is the same as the original hood?



John - I'm pretty sure that is correct

Cheers Rich

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Yes unfortunately the Surrey top fabric front fixing is no better than the original hood.

But a big strip of gaffer tape will hold everything in place :rolleyes: (Had to revert to that out in the sticks when I broke one of the press studs).


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