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As promised a video of my recent Curborough sprint that has a figure of 8 track layout. 

it was wet and some kind fiat added oil to the track just to make like interesting.

I ended up 2nd in class on the day behind Steve Small and his race prepared TR7V8 but 1st in class on handicap.

ironically If it had stayed properly wet I May have been first overall 

ah well Steve is very competitive and an accomplished driver who was i to ruin his hat trick .


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Hamish - it's clear that you have overdrive as you use it at Shelsley on 3rd on two occasions. 

I've never competed in my TR4, and I am curious as to why at Shelsley you do not use overdrive on 2nd gear.

When I give demo runs at Kop Hill (sadly, not this year), I always use overdrive on 2nd to fill the gap between 2nd and 3rd - I find it exceedingly useful as it gets me further up the torque curve when I move from 6000 in overdrive 2nd into 3rd.

Ian Cornish

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Hi Ian

i don’t use 2nd od as 2nd to 3rd is good I use 3rd od as it’s quicker and buys the revs I need.

i used to use 2nd od at the likes of Curborough. 

but I now have a 4.1:1 diff AND 55 profile tyres for racing so gearing is even lower 

Hope that answers it ?

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Hamish - I imagine that you have tried overdrive 2nd at Shelsley and found no benefit, and clearly you're the man in the hot seat!

There's quite a jump between 2nd and 3rd on a standard TR box (on a 3.7 axle, it's approx 10mph/1000rpm to 15/1000) and overdrive 2nd is almost exactly halfway between (12.5mph/1000), which is a very useful ratio.  Kop Hill is unlike Shelsley, being pretty near straight but a slope with an angle which keeps increasing all the way, and that's why I find overdrive 2nd so very useful there, especially with a Logic control and a flick switch (not the usual TR4 wand!) by my right hand so that I don't have to take my hand off the wheel.

Some people think overdrive 3rd is too close to top, but it has the great advantage of instantaneous change with full power being maintained over the change - very useful on winding roads out in the countryside!

Forgot to say that I enjoyed your videos - carry on having fun, which it's clear you are.

Ian Cornish

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