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TR4 Rear Axle Drain Plug

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As my restoration of my 1963 TR4 continues, I'm stripping down and removing the rear axle. 

The first thing I've noticed is that there is no drain plug on my my axle, so I'm presuming that it's not the original 63 axle.

I've drained the oil, and not a lot came out, (it has been leaking from the pinion end). I looked through my WSM to see what should be in there, 1.5 pints, which is probably less than I expected. Does the oil find it way into the axle tubes and its waiting to run out on me when I remove the Hub and bearing carrier?

I also read a note stated something like, "draining the diff is no longer required due to new factory lubricant used, only check and top up if necessary."  Is this why they removed the drain plug?

Also I'm wondering if I should go to the trouble to removed the hubs from the half shafts, or just leave alone as there is no evidence of any leaks into the brake drum etc.



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Hi Paul, I just checked and my early 1964 TR4 with original axle has no drain plug.

I was getting oil on my brake shoes and discovered that the breather tube was blocked, pressure builds and only then does it go down the tubes.

So you should be ok to remove them.


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