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For those of us lucky enough to have made contact with Diane, it's a real bugger.

For her family, very much worse.

For Diane, a blessed relief?


My condolences to all her family, I hope they understand that the presence of the Pringles on the forum is permenant.



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Tom, please accept our sincere condolences.

We were fortunate to meet your Mum & Dad at Mere about  6 years ago, I was in need of gearbox refurb, your Dad contacted me via PM trough the forum out of the blue and subsequently we dropped the gearbox at Mere. Your Mum & Dad had another contact who then picked it up from Mere and delivered it to Birmingham way for us. From then on we were lucky enough to have many emails and phone calls with advice etc. 

A unique and selfless couple and we thank them, they will be missed.

Kevin & Jeanette Gallacher.

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I was also very saddened to read the news this morning. My sincere condolences, thoughts and best wishes to you and your family.

We were fortunate enough to get to know both Alec & Dianne a fair few years ago through the forum when I put a call for help with an engine issue. The help and kindness they both offered was beyond compare, the kettle was always on and tea at hand often with either a piece of apple cake or a bacon butty. 

Alec is missed and so will Dianne, as Kevo_6 summed up: A unique and selfless couple and we thank them, they will be missed.

Matt & Ange

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My sincere condolences Tom
Society today is plagued with wokes and people who want to "take out rather than put in", you know your mum and dad were the very antithesis of this culture, contributing far more than they ever took out. There can be few people who contributed so much to the TR cause over many years, we thank them for their selfless contributions.
RIP Diane, back together in peace with Alec (well maybe not so peaceful)

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Tom and Family,

Such sad news this morning,  so many great and lovely things have been said about your Mum and Dad, all of it ringing true in my ears.

All the best, 


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sorry to hear of Dianes passing and send my condolences to tom , i first meet Diane when broken down in my newly acquired TR4 who advised me to join the registrar, and shortly after introduce me to alec,

both had a boundless knowledge and knew so many people i like most who knew them will miss their presence  at meets and car events ,



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Diane and Alec left us a difficult act to follow; their passing marks the end of an era for me and plenty of others. This is not something we contemplate when reflecting on our futures with our beloved hobby - that those we've come to know and cherish because of it would depart before their time.

I don't know you, Tom; somehow we didn't cross paths in Mere in 2012 when your parents hosted us for the IWE and tours in their locale. They stayed with us in Italy June of 2015 when we tried to return the favor. I'm sure others have piped up already but it would be nice to see your Mum's car on the road again. It was in the barn behind the house when I saw it and we heard of some progress since then.

All the best,

Tom and Emanuela

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Have not been on this forum very frequently of late, this sad news passed me by until today. I had the good fortune to meet both Alec and Diane a couple of times, both quite remarkable people in their own right, but together, surely a force of nature!

just last year we were on a TR trip to the Trowbridge area and after dinner, Diane turned up to say hello to us all, a lovely surprise. I’m glad her pain is no more but sad to hear of her passing. 

Condolences to Tom and family. 

Simon & Lita Winter

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From an outsiders point of view I thought the funeral was conducted most professionally and friendly.

There were 6 or 7 TR's to follow the hearse down to the church passing by Diane's and Alec's front door at Cross House.

The church was a most beautiful smallish oldy worldy building dating from 13 & 15 century with older history.

Paul Hogan gave a lovely account of Diane from beginning to end - warts and all.

The coffin was quite beautiful if a coffin can be - It had a wicker structure with thick hessian rope side paneling.

Heaven is now the richer.




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Thanks Roger, appreciated. The order of service was my wife's (Louise) work. Most other parts were mum's choice, the wicker coffin, the songs and even the vicar. Although her readings were based on my choices she adapted them for Diane perfectly. It was a sad day, but it went well.  

Thanks to everyone else, your comments mean a lot. 

We do have a donations page for her funeral to her chosen charities. That some have asked about so link added below.


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