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Recommendations on a new distributor - FIXED!

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Folks, I just discovered that the Pertronix distributor in my TR4A has failed (see my “Hesitation” topic). So now I’m looking for a replacement. I think I want to go to a stock distributor with points. Does anyone have a recommendation for a supplier, as I’ve read that some of the new distributors being offered are less than ideal. 


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Hi Jim,

Your TR4A. (1964-1968) probably has a Lucas type 25D4. model 40795 -  here is an used one for sale https://www.ebay.com/itm/MG-Triumph-Austin-Healey-Lucas-25-D4-Distributor-Prt-40795/293043473284?hash=item443ac08b84:g:r9sAAOSwHAxcBZ4A 

If you want to run your car think about using that old unit or buying a really cheap repro unit and sending off your original for restoration to Martin.


Alternatively. - maybe the likes of Roadster Factory have a TR4A core -


Peter W

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Hello Peter, unfortunately all I have is the failed Pertronix dizzy, so no original one.

BTW - I contacted the Distributor Doctor and they offered a rebuilt Lucas unit, but with shipping it was very expensive. However folks on the Triumph Experience forum recommended the outfit, British Vacuum Unit, located in New Hampshire. They also offered a rebuilt Lucas dizzy, but at a more palatable price. They also warned that many of the new reproduction units have advance curves that are incorrect. Anyway, I agreed and it’s in the mail!


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Folks, I just wanted to update this and say that after receiving and installing the refurbished 25D dizzy from British Vacuum Unit, the car runs GREAT! So the dying Pertronix dizzy, (broken mechanical advance), was the culprit all along. Thanks to all for the help here and in my “Hesitation” thread.

BTW - not sure if you are familiar with a Triumph restoration shop here in the States called Macy’s Garage, but they have a good write up on setting up a dizzy, which I used:



BACK ON THE ROAD!...........



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