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Lift the rear on my IRS axle

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Good morning everybody,

today I want to give the rear hight on my IRS axle some attention: it is too low.

Years ago I fitted too thin poly insulators with the coil springs.

Has someone an experience about the relation of [mm] on the isulators are [mm] on the wheel arch, please?

Ciao, Marco

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Thanks Andy,

if I remember correctly I fitted the ones from the front also on the rear. 

To do the work not 2 or three times  with different isulators some calculations would be great.

I know on the front axle it is 1 mm to 2 mm.

Ciao, Marco

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Hi Stuart, thank you.

I modified my front spring compressor to a "rear spring remains in the trailing arm compressor",

got the  ration now and hope to know what to do to get to the point on the first attempt.

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Got it,

made 2 rubber shims for the right side AND more solid insulators, both side now have same hight,

but both side about 5 mm too high now due to the limited collection of insulators I have.

I'm on a good way... 

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Hi Roger,

thank you very much, first I calculated x 1.6 and added 2 x 2 mm rubber shims to get to the same height.

Final control was about x 1.9 mm on one side and x 2.0, I think this is about more or less the same as x 1.8.

Yesterday I orderd suitable (lower) insulators to get on the corret hight

Ciao, Marco.

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