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Creaking Front Suspension.

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My 6 has recently developed serious creaking of the front suspension.

I fitted AVO shocks and springs from Revingtons with Super-pro poly bushes back in August last year.

At the same time I replaced the anti-roll bar link arms, and fitted new bushes.

The car has only covered about 1500 miles since then.

Reading post back 2008-14 it's suggested that the creaking can be cured with silicone spray,has there been any re-thinking since then.

Should the silicone be applied to the bushes at the top and bottom of the shock absorber and or the spring seat collar.

Is it just a case of misting the silicone over the bushes or is any dismantling recommended.

I have some 3 in1 Silicone Lubricant, assume suitable.

Any guidance appreciated



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i had a creaking noise which I put down to poly bushes.  I tried various sprays for lubricant but in the end decided to strip everything down and regrease the bushes using as much silicon grease as I could get to stay in there.  After putting it all back together the noise disappeared for a week then came back.  

After a nice trip abroad in the car on less congested roads I was able to pin point the noise, following much driving, to the front of the car.  The noise changed pitch if I put my foot lightly on the brake.  The noise came back after a short time but disappeared again upon light touching the brakes.

Once back home, I swapped out the callipers for a rebuilt set and noise gone.  

The lesson I learnt was that even though I’d have put money on the bushes being the source of the noise, it was something unconnected. Also, I can say with much certainty that spray silicone grease cannot ‘wick’its way into the bush as the bush is a tight fit in its housing.  All you achieve is getting spray everywhere other than inside the bush.




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Thanks Dave for the info.

The noise is very apparent with the engine off and just bouncing the front of the car, which suggests it's the suspension but still to be investigated !

Was your noise there when the car was stationary?



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Not really.  I wasn’t able to locate the noise either back to front nor left to right until I was driving on near deserted roads. The noise seemed to be coming from everywhere. Even then I was adamant it was bushes but was proved wrong when I stripped them down.


my bushes were super pro too.  I got some more super pro grease from eBay.  I also got some of Revingtons special brew packet bush grease - looks like salad cream - they told me it would cure any squeaking bush .... ooerr Missus.

anyway, I spent a weekend stripping out the bushes and regreasing using both the super pro and the Rev special brew.  This gave me an insight into how good the spray silicone was as I could see nothing had penetrated the bushes when I had previously sprayed them.


if your squeaking occurs when stationary then either your bushes are very dry or you might have a cracked chassis :ph34r:  I hope it’s not that.


good luck with it.


cheers Dave

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On my complete rebuild of my TR5 and using poly bushes all round I got a creaking sound from the nearside front. Turned out to be unbranded trunnion and the bolt hole offset.

Soon swapped out for branded ones (SCP) If I recall correctly from Moss and no problem since.

Regards Harry

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On my TR4A I didn't want to believe it!

The noise was from the front shock absorbers, the rod sliding through the seal.

With NOS Monroe absorbers - noise gone.


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I have a knock from my front suspension/steering. It occurs when the load is off the right wheel i.e. turning right, but it doesn't happen all the time.

I have new suspension bushes throughout, rebuilt steering rack, no apparent play in tie rods or top ball joint. New shocks and they are tight.

Yesterday I tightened the brackets for the inner wishbones.

It is till there.


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Hi John,

years ago I had exactly such a knock!

After re-tightening the falcrum pins  I forgot a ring spanner on one of the bolts.

Luckily iI didn't fall off by itself....

Ciao, Marco



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