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Dave Herrod

Steering column bracket

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I thought I would have a nice easy job today installing the steering column on my TR3A, having re_ built the  steering box and painted up the column. Try as I might I simply couldn't get the down-stand bracket on the steering box past the chassis cross bar.  Hours later, I have succeeded only in scraping off most of the paint, and the column is still on the bench!  I knew that I took the column out and replaced it previously, so I was stumped.

I came up with the following theory:  The car was originally LHD and, I suspect, had a split column with the type of  lower bracket that is welded to the suspension turret.  When it was converted to RHD, it was fitted with a long column, and Mr bodgit cut out a section of the lower chassis bracket so the column could be lifted high enough to get it in, but  when CTM re-jigged and repaired the chassis, they replaced the lower bracket as it was originally intended.  I have managed to find a photo that I took of the chassis sitting in Colin Mathew's yard when I delivered it  which shows the bodge quite clearly.

I know this has been discussed in the past, but unfortunately the photographs have disappeared from the relevant posts.  I therefore have a  a few questions:

Am I right in thinking that the lower bracket changed with the split column? 

I don't think my column was ever restrained at this point - does anyone have a photo of the early and later brackets so I can come up with a solution please.

I assume I have no option but to do similar butchery to the bracket to get my long column in.  Has anyone done this, and still managed to use the fixings to secure the column?

As always, grateful for any help or suggestions.




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I think I may have found part of the answer in the later posts of this thread.

Am I right in thinking that the earlier bracket picks up a hole in the cross tube mounting? 


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