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Hardtop Installation

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Hi all,

i fitted a factory hardtop to my 1970 TR6 only yesterday, cars never has a hardtop fitted.

Having drilled through the windscreen trim using the windscreen factory frame holes for guidance, the crush tubes do not sit flat on the top of the screen finisher when the bolts are pushed through, is this correct and how do I overcome this.

I have the rear and B post bolts fitted but the windscreen bolts appear slightly out of line, does this mean the windscreen frame will need adjusting slightly and can the door glass also be adjusted to suit ?


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The crush tubes are fitted to the hardtop itself. They should be secured to the hardtop by the front rubber seal strip (the one that squished down onto the windscreen frame header rail). Ie, you push them through the rubber strip, then glue the strip to the hardtop. When installing the hardtop you poke the crush tubes down through the holes in the windscreen frame first, then lower the roof, adjust and tighten from there. Don't expect it to fit like a modern car. I've faffed around for ages trying to get a half decent seal around the door windows. 

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Many thanks both for your advice and Installation instructions, one final question....are the ring type fixings fitted to the sides of the hardtop internally supposed to slide over the B post internally threaded tubes (retainers) as mine will not slide over the tubes, I'm referring to items 17 & 23 shown in fig 6 of the installation instructions.




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I use a number of studs in the windscreen and rear valence holes to align things and then replace with bolts.

works nicely and saves hunting for the holes with the bolts while jiggling the hard top.


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