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Original spec gearbox lever

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Has anyone attempted to "dismantle" an original gear lever with the rubber "metalastic " bush within the main body of the assembly?

I have a lever which I intended to repair the machined groove, in the spherical part of the lever with some weld and then re machine. The problem was how to prevent damage to the rubber vibration damper inside the assembly.On looking at the lever, more closely,  it is quite an interesting item.

The main lever arm is joined , (how I have not yet sussed) to the inner part of a metalastic bush. the outer of this bush is then pressed into the main body of the assembly which has been bored to take it. The additional complication / cost of this, rather than the solid one piece replacements currently available must have been to reduce the vibration ? noise transmission through the lever.  






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Hi there,

Sorry not to come back earlier.

Given that you may damage by dismantling or heating it beyond repair I would personally clean it thoroughly and try filling with JB Weld or similar such as Devcon. 

Devcon is not cheap but you drill it it, tap it, machine it but the advantage is that you do not need to heat the item.


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