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Clock in Place of Ammeter

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Having got an alternator & thin belt conversion my ammeter is redundant. I would like to convert it into a clock keeping the Jaeger logo to match. Has anyone done this or got any suggestions? I'm happy to scan & print the logo on a black background but not sure where top find a mechanism. Thx

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14 minutes ago, PaulR said:

Having got an alternator & thin belt conversion my ammeter is redundant.

How so?  Are you no longer interested in whether everything is working as it should? An alternator and a thin belt are no guarantee as witness the number of questions asked on this forum.

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If you eliminate the ammeter, you have no easy means of checking on battery condition and operation of the alternator.

IMHO, better to fit a voltmeter if you don't want an ammeter.

To replace ammeter with voltmeter:

- remove ammeter and link wires which supplied it (ensure connect is well-insulated!)

- connect voltmeter positive to terminal on ignition switch which feeds coil (most easily accessed at fuse box terminal A3)

- connect voltmeter negative to ground (chassis/bodywork)

Ian Cornish

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I replaced LNK's with a custom made voltmeter, very useful but without the flame trap that the standard Ammeter represents, and it matches the '62 top hung, domed glass dials




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I saw Mike's voltmeter and was envious!

For my later TR4, I made this up using a standard Smiths voltmeter http://www.minispares.com/product/Classic/Gauges/Amps, volts/SIB220.aspx?1401&ReturnUrl=/shop/classic/Gauges.aspx|Back to shop

I then replaced the front shroud face with one from an old broken Lucas ammeter, respraying to obliterate "Amps", but masking off "Lucas", and then adding "VOLTS" in matching typeface using Letraset. Unless you get really close it looks original.




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