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Tripod headlights

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Hi There,

improving some "correct for the periode" Tasks on my TR,  I think I have to kick out the Bosch headlights on my TR2 ... :blink:

Well, the Standard Lucas would do it but I somehow like the Tripod type.

I am just not sure ,for which year/model they were correct ? Pictures Show them on several cars (early TR2 s to 3As...

Any input on tripods history and purpose very welcome.




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They certainly look the part.  

The issue you will discover is that the light output is scarily poor compared to any modern car you have driven.  OK for pottering about on well lit roads where you seldom exceed 80 kph.  But try a quick drive on an unlit country road and you become a mobile road block as you cannot see where you are going.

Do not forget the Ralph Nader statement that most American cars made in the 1960's at above 60 mph (100 kph) were driving ahead of their headlamp beams.

So my opinion is......Tripods for show, halogen/LED for GO

Peter W

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Thanks Peter, this is the input I was looking for.

Were they original standard  for a certain peridod ?

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Hi Oliver,


The earliest indication that I have found for the fitment of Tripod head lamp units is from the Lucas Equipment & Spare Parts – 1955 Standard & Triumph Cars.

Publication No. CCE902D and dated April 1955.

In this publication they were listed as follows :

* Model P700 - Headlamp unit - 51546A - Light unit - 554999 - (with photo showing the tripod)

* Listed as alternative fitment for Triumph 2-seater Sports TR2

They were then fitted to all subsequent Sidescreen cars and the TR4 until 1963.

I like the look of the Tripod headlamps and have a N.O.S. original pair fitted to my 1964 TR4.

If you do decide to fit this type of headlamp to your car, I would recommend that you try to obtain original N.O.S. units as the reproduction items are not the best of quality.

Also as they accept BPF bulbs many upgraded versions are available to increase the projected light.

I trust this is of interest.

Regards, Richard

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3 hours ago, Nobbyc said:

You can get tripod headlights that accept H4 fittings for Halogen or LED 

Yes you can, usually marked P700 in the center of the tripod. The beam pattern on these is not good, unless you wanted to illuminate the tree tops on full beam.

I had a pair on my '3 for a while, but have now changed to a pair of Valeo units, which are much better (especialy with good LED H4 bulbs).


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