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This was sent to me today, quite interesting.

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Just now, tr graham said:


even more interesting is that 927HP  now has a UK owner and resides not far from you !!!


Is that one of the TRF cars?


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48 minutes ago, tr graham said:

no they are at the simeon foundation for  classic race cars in USA 


So its the Otto one?


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927HP was Mike Otto's -  went for sale July 2017, according to my note.  Arwed, Mike's dad, had 928HP.  Both cars were at Malvern for the "Works Triumphs" event in 2010.

I don't know who purchased the car, but Bill Piggott might be able to enlighten us.

Ian Cornish

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Here's some photographs from IWE 2010, showing both cars indoors and outdoors though I seem to have more of 928HP outdoors, including a short movie though you may have to click on the link to my Flickr page for it to work, or maybe not,










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Thanks for the photos, Paul.

That 2010 IWE at Malvern was a truly marvellous occasion, so I'm going to paste here my report from TR Action, which had a high level shot of all the cars plus drivers etc across 2 pages.


Mervyn Parkes, our Treasurer and the man who rounds up cars to appear in the arena at our International Weekends, thought we needed to do something rather special for the IWE in our 40th Anniversary year – a display of as many ex-Works TRs as we could find, together with folks who used them in anger in the competition era.  The organisation of this had to be a team effort, so Mike Ellis and I were sucked in, later joined by Bob Rowland.  Some 100 invitations were issued by post and e-mail at the beginning of May, and the arm-twisting started!  Inevitably, some people had prior engagements and – with considerable regret – had to decline.

I think I shall be proved right if I claim this to have been a unique occasion, for where else could one have seen such a collection of ex-Works Triumphs, consisting of 18 TRs and four others?  Added to that, we had some 20 of the people who had been involved with these cars between 1954 and the 1980s, in the rôles of driver, navigator, mechanic and competitions management.

The big surprise was the phone call from Arwed Otto in Germany on the Wednesday preceding the weekend – he told me that he intended to bring the second TRS (his son, Mike, was bringing 927HP), but that I must keep it a secret as he wanted to surprise Mike – and he certainly did when they met close to Malvern!  We had two other cars from the Continent: Pascal Quirynen from Belgium, with OVC276, and Jim Pratt from Sweden, with VWK610.

It was especially pleasing to see Bob West’s VVC673, for it had been sitting in the back of his garage for twelve years until the invitation arrived; then it was dragged out and, from that point onwards, each e-mail reported further progress, the final push being when it went to Neil Revington for final fettling and its MOT - marvellous!  Neil Fender and Steve Rockingham brought their cars which had been competing at Silverstone on the Friday, and were competing there again on the Sunday.  It was great to see Ken Wakefield’s WVC249 and, although all agreed it needed some attention, it attracted a great deal of interest!

The final line-up was:

TR2                       OVC276         Pascal Quirynen (Belgium)

PDU20            Peter Harding driving for owner, David Wenman

OKV777         Geoff Stamper

PKV374          Jan Pearce

TR3                       SRW992         Stephen Skinner

SKV656          Neil Fender

TR3A                   VWK610        Jim Pratt (Sweden)

VVC673         Bob West

WVC247         Geoff Stamper

WVC249         Ken Wakefield

TRS                       927HP             Mike Otto (Germany)

928HP             Arwed Otto (Germany)

TR4                       3VC                Tony Sheach/Gareth Firth/Neil Revington

4VC                Ian Cornish

6VC                 Neil Revington

TR7                       OOM513R      Brian Kershaw

TR7V8                  SJW548S        Steve Rockingham

SJW533S        David Maslen

Vitesse                  6002VC          Andrew Martin

Spitfire                  ADU1B          Mark Field

2.5PI                     XJB304H        Pat Walker

KNW798        Pat Walker


Apart from TR3S (none of which is known to have survived) and Dolomite, we had a representative from each model of Triumph Works cars. 

Our special guests (in alphabetical order, with their original role in the Triumph Works entries in parentheses) were:

Don Barrow (Navigator), Tom Blackburn (Private Entrant), Mike Broad (Navigator), Willy Cave (Navigator), Ron Crellin (Navigator), Brian Culcheth (Navigator/Driver), Graham Elsmore (Driver), Dave Gleed (Mechanic), Den Green (Mechanic), Robert Grounds (son of Driver Lola Grounds), Stuart Harrold (Navigator), Simo Lampinen (Driver), Harris Mann (Designer of TR7), Yvonne Mehta (Navigator and widow of Shekhar Mehta), Brian Moylan (Mechanic), Bill Price (Team Management), Graham Robson (Navigator/Team Management), David Stone (Navigator), Stuart Turner (Navigator), Mike Wood (Navigator).

Although Yvonne was never a member of the Triumph Works effort, she is a considerable Navigator in her own right and she was kind enough to collect Simo from Heathrow and return him there afterwards – and nowadays she navigates for Steve Rockingham in his V8, telling Steve he needs to find more power!  The marvellous Willy Cave, still navigating at the age of 84, had a nasty skiing accident earlier this year (torn muscles and ligaments), but is now walking unaided and was brought by Bill Price (definitely no wrong-slotting on the run to Malvern!).

Our splendid Honorary President provided introductions in Wye Hall in the morning, and after lunch, all the cars, owners and guests were herded into the arena for some high-level photos, followed by Stuart Turner and Simo Lampinen cutting one of Jean Parkinson’s special (and delicious) celebratory cakes.  Then Robson and Redway introduced the cars from each era, talking about their competition records, and speaking to the owners and those who had been involved in the days when Triumph were using them!  As a pretty mean navigator himself (4th in the 1962 Monte Carlo Rally and 1st in the 1965 Welsh Rally, amongst other successes) and author of “The Works Triumphs”, Graham illuminated the proceedings with his detailed and intimate knowledge of the history of Triumph, of motor sport and of the people involved.

Afternote: Graham has pointed out that the centenary of Triumph is not that far away - perhaps something similar might be organised for that?  I would be happy to assist a (younger!) member organise such an event as part of an IWE - I have all my files on my PC.

Ian Cornish

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15 hours ago, ianc said:

Graham has pointed out that the centenary of Triumph is not that far away - perhaps something similar might be organised for that?  I would be happy to assist a (younger!) member organise such an event as part of an IWE - I have all my files on my PC. Ian Cornish

Definitely worth another "like"!

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I have quite a few more photographs from IWE 2010 and could upload those to Flickr (now that I've upgraded my account and no longer have a limit) and post them here if anyone wants.  I remember seeing the MEWP and wishing I had that high level shot looking down on the cars. 


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And nice to see Wayne has taken the content of this thread and posted it on Facebook to give a wide circulation.
Another vote for the value of the forum, keep up the good work everyone

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