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I thought it would be useful to post some words and pictures on how I recently fitted LED strip lights to vastly improve the illumination in my boot. Hopefully the pictures tell the story, but here are some points to note:

  1. The c.45 degree edge on the boot frame provides an ideal mounting point for self-adhesive LED strips 30cm long as the angle means they flood the boot with light when the boot is open.
  2. I used red heatshrink to protect and camouflage the wiring to the LEDs.
  3. The wires are fed into the space behind the boot card by using the boot hinge assemblies and connected to the existing wiring using plastic self-stripping cable lock connectors - not my usual connector of choice, but OK for this non-critical low current wiring.
  4. The LEDs I used had a 1metre wire already attached, but don't seem to be available any longer - however search for "LED white strip 12v 30cm" on and you will find what you need.

I hope this is of use to someone.



PS) I can't claim the credit for the idea - I was inspired by seeing a similar arrangement under the bonnet of Mark Bulford's TR4!








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i use those led strips for kitchen downlights under wall units.

available as 5m rolls you can cut where indicated ( ever 3 leds) and the solder wires after cutting off the clear plastic with a very sharp knife

i have some left so may follow your example !


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