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Aluminium Side Screen Frames

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My early 3A (oct 57)came from the states with aluminium side screens fitted.  These have no covering on the window part just  what appears from the bits left a "T" shaped rubber seal that fits in a groove on the top edge from front to back. There is an upholstered flap that fits on the bottom edge. These are wedge fitting frames.


are these correct  as they are  ie anodised aluminium as others i have seen are steel frames that have been covered

Any idea of a source for the rubber seals 

Regards adrian 


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They are the usual US Acme manufactured screens, not original. If you want to continue to use them then you`ll have to have a look through the usual rubber seal suppliers catalogues to find something suitable





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Thanks Stuart

Although not original i think i will stick with these, the s/h steel ones i have seen for sale  look like they need a lot of work.

  I will get the frames polished  locally and then have them anodised.

The bottom flap looks an easy enough job for my local trimmer to redo 

Knew about woolies and  baines  but not seals direct  should be able to find something at one of these

regards adrian


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Dear Adrian, I think I remember the design, but am curious all the same; could you post photos of these frames? (They may have one advantage, if they are lighter than the factory-built ones).

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There are a s/h pair for sale on ebay right now   item number  164183632226    with good  photo's 

Think the alloy frames may be wedge type only  bur as the locating arms are screwed on it would be an easy change to the Dzus type


regards adrian

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4 hours ago, BlueTR3A-5EKT said:

As Stuart has stated the US made aluminium framed side screens or Side Curtains.

TRF does a rebuild service.    https://www.the-roadster-factory.com/side_curtain_flyer.htm

Peter W

TRF will rebuild factory sidescreens and do an amazing job too. I dont think they will tackle the aftermarket versions though.


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