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New HERO VTT Rally

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Yes! Another four weeks of keeping Mrs VD quiet for an hour or so every day! I gather they're going to rewind the difficulty level to somewhere near the earlier stages of the first run, so you don't need to be a steely eyed rally god to have a go.

The proceeds this time go to StarterMotor, an initiative to get young blood apprentices into the historic motoring world.


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registered for this and really looking forward to a new set of challenges.

first need to review some of Seren's route solutions as I can't see why hers are different from mine in a small number of instances.  I can't believe she is wrong but then I was really confident about mine.  It's never too late to learn . . . currently struggling to find a word for the sting in the tail.

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the navigation aspect was very straightforward.it was simply finding the right word at the end that eluded me - especially as I had 3 too many for the final answer -  still don't know why the letter B was wrong at 674656 or the L at 757032~(perhaps because the farm was not on a track but a road).  I also had a G from somewhere I can no longer find.  I had all the rest oK.

A great few weeks of tests that are about to be repeated with the Starter Motor VTT.  Perhaps this time I will pay more attention.

Good luck to all fellow participants




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