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TR4A SU Oversize Spindle Bores

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I want to fit oversize spindles to my SU's but can't find a reasonably priced reamer. Does anyone know where I might get one.



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Hi Alan,


do you actually need the over size spindles. When I took mine apart I found that the bores had a quite hard bush already fitted.

The spindles were badly worn but not the bushed bores


If you do need a reamer try TRacy Tools in Devon     https://www.tracytools.com/



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As Roger has written often the wear is on the old spindle and not in the body bush.   Take the old spindles out and test the body bush size with the shank of a drill. That will guide you to the size of spindle required.  
A standard sized spindle is......By imperial micrometer  0.311”   By my metric very-near 7.91 mm     So that’s 5/16” then.  Try a 5/16” drill shank in the carb body and see how much it wobbles before committing to spindles.


Peter W

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As Roger has found above; I’ve rebuilt many sets of SUs H4,H6 and HS6 but I’ve never had to replace the bushes as all the wear usually occurs on the spindle. Try an unworn section of your spindle in the bush to see if it really needs bushes. 
Edit: looks like Peter can type faster than I can :-)

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