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Speedo Drag Cup

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Hi all.

I have a speedo problem.  The needle either was slow to respond or didn't respond at all.  So I remove the speedo from the dash, removed the rear casing and, when I rotate the speedo drive the drag cup isn't responding.  Is there a detailed article (or better still a video!) where a speedo is dismantled and the drag cup repaired?

Its a smiths - sn 6409/04.


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Rob, thank you for the doc.  The schematic shows the area that is, I think, the problem - the drag cup needle bearing.  I wonder how that gets repaired..

Roger, the utube link didn't show.  Could you repost?  Thanks.




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I used some brake cleaner to flush thru the bearing, then some very fine oil, seems to have worked, be very careful of the fine watch spring in there that balances the needle.


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