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Can someone help with a fuse rating. I have a relay for the two front spot lamps. The relay takes a signal from the high beam feed and then connects main power. The fuse has gone missing and I am not sure what rating would be correct. It is a coloured blade fuse. I have a card of different coloured blade fuses but can not see a rating on the individual fuses. I need to know the rating and the colour if significant.

Thanks Richard & B.

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Assuming the spot-lamp bulbs are 55 or 60 Watt Richard,  I suggest a 20Amps (yellow) blade fuse will do it while having a low enough resistance not to dim the lamps. 

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1 hour ago, BlueTR3A-5EKT said:


From The Lucas Users Fan Page


In a previous life whilst on tour in the far west of Ireland the venue electrics were very poor and kept blowing the main fuses, One of the lighting guys disappeared off going "I`ll sort it out" and sure enough it worked fine all the way through the evening, it wasnt until during the load out when I was removing my electric supply tails from the supply box that I found out how he had "Fixed it" and yep youve guessed it a six inch nail! :wacko:


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