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Fuel inertia cut off switch

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Hi all

I am fitting a swirl pot with a low pressure and high pressure fuel pump to my V8 efi conversion.

I also want to fit a fuel inertia cut off switch, but not sure which way to do it as I can see four possible options.

1. Wire the switch to the high pressure pump

2. Wire the switch to the low pressure pump

3. Wire both of the pumps through one switch

4. Fit two switches, one for each pump.

Which is the recommended method please



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I'd have thought both pumps - one swtich, the principal being to isolate all electrical fuel pumping in the event of an impact....

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I agree, one switch

if you go with a ‘double throw’ switch then you can add a ‘switch tripped’ warning light which can save a lot of head scratching when the car won’t start >...


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Hi guys

Thanks for the replies, it does seem to be the logical answer. I already have a switch with the extra connector for a warning light, Just have to alter the wiring and fit it. Both pumps will be individually fused and have their own relay.


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