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Show the rest of us your TR.

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The wedge is having an extra long hibernation in the garage. Sadly it is 20 miles away in my partner's parents garage, so I will not get to see it again for a while.

I had planned on taking it out for a drive next Thursday to coincide with my birthday, I am rather sad that won't be happening. Hoping the majority of the travelling restrictions will be lifted before the end of Summer.






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Well, it's about 16 months since I posted here. I've been lurking for a couple of months or so, but feel now is the time to join in, contribute hopefully, and to gain again from the camaraderie of fellow TRR'rs.

Here are the TR and Stag, taken in Feb after they had both had a run out. They both got a run the day before the current restrictions came into force. If the travel restrictions remain then I'm sure one or both will be employed on a shopping trip at some point.



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hello Rod, yes indeed, my preference, or prejudice, always sidescreens, and aeros!

soon back in action.

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On 3/31/2020 at 4:21 PM, tr2_applegreen said:

What a great picture, Andrew! Composition, colors, exposure,... everything is just perfect! 

Thanks, I like to think I have eye to compose a good photo - I let my trusty Nikon D550 do the rest, mostly........

Cheers, Andrew

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In a complete contrast with Tom’s sleek sprinter at Curborough, here we are being overtaken by -

a cyclist in Ljubljana last year…

Ljubljana Triple Bridge Slovenia.jpg

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Thanks for the kind comments and the 'likes'.

On a slight different tack - here is my current TR2, as it was back in ~1980 (the orangy/red one nearest the Range Rover) and my previous TR2 that I had sold to the chap in the cap facing the camera. I think , what is left of it still resides in a garage somewhere in the Portishead area.

Just for fun is our other toy - a little 948cc Midget




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7 hours ago, TRTOM2498PI said:

Here is a picture at a sprint at Curborough sprint circuit.

That’s properly driving it! ... Good on you Tom!..... 99.9% in control I’m sure?.........

I’ve got an old photo somewhere (which my Mother hated) from 40 years ago with just one wheel off the ground at Goodwood... Looks fantastic until you can see the look on my face..

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2 hours ago, TRTOM2498PI said:

Taken last summer.


Nice one!

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November 2019, on the way to winter hibernation.  Still there, unfortunately.


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