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Hello all, I some help needed if you please! I took my tr 6 in for its first mot today. It's been restored over the last five years and converted to right hand drive. I took the day off work and after two hours of waiting at home. pacing up and down like an expectant father, had a phone call telling me that I couldn't get an mot without a log book is this correct? I was under the impression that i needed an mot in order to get a log book and reg number!

Any help\ advice would be appreciated, thanks

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You are correct. Assuming you imported you car you would have a NOVA form saying you have paid all duty. Then you need an MOT and then you can get it registered.

Your MOT station obviously does not know you can get an MOT on a car by just using the Chassis / VIN number which you write on the MOT certificate instead of the Reg Number. Using chassis / VIN number is common n the kit car world. Find a n MOT station that knows all about classic cars (and kit cars). Chances are they will be more interested too and talk through points if necessary.

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when you are applying for an age related plate , until the DVLA actually accept and issue an age related plate that seems to be the case , also an MOT gives them an official independent inspection of the car and confirms it ID which they can access electronically . 


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On 3/20/2020 at 3:06 PM, Andy Moltu said:

Does that apply if the car is old enough not to require an MOT?

I assumed we were talking about if your car is an import, then you need and MOT (based on Vin) to ten get it registered on the DVLA system. Once that is sorted, you get your plate which would be age related and then presumably you would be on the same basis as others that may not then need an MOT.

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On 3/20/2020 at 9:31 PM, Paulsb said:

thanks for the guidance,happy to report it passed today with flying colours.

Great. On to the next paperwork stage then. Good luck.

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