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Hi All,

my cylinder head for my TR3 went in for some work recently, valve seats, guides, valves, gas-flowing and a small repair.  I neglected to remove the In/Ex manifold studs before sending it to the shop and I didn't take pictures of what went where.  I can work it with a bit of trial and error, but thought I'd ask if anyone on the forum had a sketch showing the layout?  It's a 4A head but with standard TR3 inlet/exhaust manifolds.

Regards, Laurence



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Stud, manifold, 2 1/16" upper  4 posn - Use with small butterfly clamp.

Stud, manifold, 2 3/8" lower centre 2 posn - use with big butterfly clamp.

Stud, exhaust manifold each end 2 posn NB - if no lifting bracket is fitted at rear.

OR  When lifting bracket is fitted.

Stud, exhaust manifold front lower end 1 posn.

Stud, exhaust manifold, 1 5/16" lower rear, use with lifting eye.


Use 3/8" UNC brass nuts if you chosse, rather than original steel type.




Peter W

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The brass manifold nuts on my 3A were on it when I got it and seem fine. They are around twice the depth of steel nuts though which probably compensates for lower strength. I thought they were standard as I had similar on my old AH Sprite back in the day. 

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