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Having spent the last few months revisiting my Spitfire the last few days I have been respraying it, nothing clever just "quick" blow over, really quite pleased with the result.

Before I got my TR4a some 4 years ago the Spitfire was my first proper restoration, I did all the spannery bits then the TR presented it's self. Obviously the TR took precedence and the Spitfire got put to one side so the cosmetics had to wait. On reflection and with the benefit of hindsight I should have finished the Spitfire first. Without the pressure of having to finish the proper car. working on the Spitfire I had the time to ....perfect my spraying technique is too strong a word, but improve fits the bill.

As I said I am "quite" pleased with the finish but I think I might be able to improve it with a little light cutting and polishing and would appreciate any advise, I really would rather not go at it with even 1200 grit wet and dry.

Thanks and sorry for the waffle.


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Nigel would love to have another shot at it, who knows straight from the gun finish.......:rolleyes: ....I wish, but i'm self isolating in the shed, well that's what I tell the boss.

 I will take a few pics tomorrow.

Will certainly be leaving it for a good few days, in this rubbish weather it's not like I can put it out in the hot sun for a day or two. I will have a look on the web for ultra fine grit paper.

Thanks, David

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Hi Dave

Look on e bay lots of wet/dry 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit, just used some to flat back some clear coat applied to my dash then polished it came up like glass.

If you have put plenty of paint on even if its like orange peel you can still get a decent finish with lots of elbow grease just be careful near any ridges as you can soon burn through to the primer.

Best of luck with it.


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Hi, Dave

Trev's blog on you tube has a wealth of tips and tricks for body work repairs and paint finishing.

I would recommend looking at a few of these videos. 

Trev is a professional classic vehicle body work technician who explains how to carry out many of these skills and techniques in the home garage environment.

Simple tips like using a thin film of body filler to protect surrounding paintwork while rubbing down a paint run are priceless.

There is a video that goes through the whole process from rubbing down new paint to the final polish with great results.

Best wishes



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On 3/12/2020 at 11:00 PM, StevecTR4 said:


Simple tips like using a thin film of body filler to protect surrounding paintwork while rubbing down a paint run are priceless.



That's a new one on me. A strip of masking tape on ridges and edges is a good diea.


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Thanks Steve, really useful.

Have to be honest here, my initial reaction to my skill as a paint sprayer may have been a little over optimistic or it may may have been influenced by the thinners.

Any way turns out though mostly very shiny also rather orange pealy and bits of over spray, so out with the 1200 grit and that knocked the orange peal off Just received a pack of very fine grit papers right up to 5000 grit as Pete and Andy suggested and this video has confirmed so will have a go at getting at least a semi pro finish , when I have finished....if I am at least reasonably satisfied I post a pic or two,

Thanks all for your help and advise David

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