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Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, does anyone have recent experience of fitting a radio and cd player to a TR4.

Positioning of what went where and equipment used would be v useful and save me hours of experimentation and ebay/google time.

Thanks in advance


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I'm sure you will get lots of helpful answers .... personally, i looked at this for a while before deciding to use a bluetooth speaker (i chose an Ultimate Ears one, there are loads to pick from) and stream radio or music from my phone, works well and everything can be removed or hidden really simply.

Downside is that the speaker charge only lasts 17-18 hours - not much of a down side, car is a daily-driver and i charge the speaker every couple of weeks, or i could wire something up if I really wanted to.

I do have an original-looking radio filling the H-frame, but it isn't connected to anything and looks better than an empty hole.

....... Andy


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Hi Adam,

       do you have the original radio hole in the dash support. If yes, then you either need an old (updated) Motorola or one of the modern offerings from Moss.

These fit into the cut-out.  Or Andy's suggestion (Bluetooth is an easy way to go - millions of options)

If you have a standard DIN cut-out then there are dozens of powerfulradio/CD/USB etc etc out there.

The awkward part is speakers - how many and where to put them.  Although Hi-Fi is nice it is not appreciated at 50+mph.

So a single speaker (Motorola radio with a power booster) will work well.

The problem with the recent modern radios is that they are getting very fancy - colour dsplays, tiny push button etc etc = difficult to play with.



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Is stealing ICE a thing anymore?
If it is Bluetooth speakers are easily popped into the boot or taken with you when the car is left unattended. 


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I had this problem too.

I really enjoy listening to music (proper music late 50's to early 70's). After much fafing about I bought a quite simple Pioneer that fitted into the "H" frame, light on features but quite big on volume. I use mine with a mico "thumb" usb drive, it holds over 300 tracks all on something as the name suggests no bigger than your thumbnail, never bothered to fit a aerial. 

What I haven't yet worked out is as Roger says is where to site a pair of half decent speakers, at the moment they sit in the footwells  stuffed right the back, not ideal but the best I can think of right now.





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+1 for the USB approach.

The problem with full scale DIN head units is that they are too deep.  The newer and often cheaper "Mechless" units can be quite shallow as there is not CD mechanism or capability  - they are  easier to install and can also be useful for phone charging.



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My input on speaker location: avoid the urge to put the speakers behind you on the tank trim panel/bulkhead...at speed with the top down most of the sound is lost. 

Smaller speakers mounted either side of the gbox tunnel or in/on the trim panel forward of the doors area provide a much more audible solution.

These days I use bluetooth only and my phone...no wires, no moving mechanical parts & cheap enough that it doesnt get stolen

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None these days in my '3 (except the engine of course) but in the 70's I fitted some shallow speakers in the door panel.


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When i bought my 6 i thought i’d fit a decent stereo as part of the extensive rewiring needed ( stripping out 30 years of redundant extra wiring)

i fitted speakers in the rear panel, a blaupunkt flat subwoofer behind the drivers seat, and a pair of speakers in the ‘kidney panels’

sounded good but i hardly ever used it!

so when i refitted the interior last winter i ditched the rear speakers and sub, just kept the kidney panel ones.

i still never use the stereo!

if you want a pair of small pioneer rear speakers and or the blaupunk sub( which really makes a lot of difference) i think i have them in a box somewhere....available for a nominal fee!


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