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Windscreen frame

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Almost all of our TR4 - 6 windscreen frames (shared with Spitfire/GT6) are probably rusty internally. Those few bubbles at the bottom corners are just a hint of what's inside.

I imagine that their construction makes it unlikely anyone would attempt to remanufacture them.

This is a picture of the cross section showing the support tube and the corrosion inside.

The tube extends to within about 125mm of the top of the frame ie: almost all the way.

What is the most effective of way of halting this corrosion. I presume some sort of dipping process, but what would actually work?




screen frame cross section1.jpg

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Hi Jerry

Think your right the only way to get to all the internal corrosion would be to dip it and see what's left, repair and dip in e coat, or unpick the spot welds and blast the components repair and weld back up. The problem would be heat distortion in the frame. 

Which ever root I'd look for the best one you can find first. Going forward making new ones could be viable when there are none left worth repairing but the cost would be high £800-1000.



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