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tr8 hood not able to close.

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I have a factory built TR8 re - imported from Canada. I have a problem of an ill fitting hood.

It wont lock into position, it did so when I bought it 5 yrs. ago but after leaving it in my garage with the hood down I am unable to make it reach the securing points.

Any idea's out there how to make it fit?  Cheers Clive.

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Depending whether you have a roll over bar fitted you could win some slack by undoing the bolts at either side and moving the hood down slightly. This would obviously make the top a bit less taught in the summer - what is the hood made from is it vinyl or a cloth one?




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Pull the hood forward as far it'll go and either put an electric heater inside the car for an hour and/or use a hair dryer then stretch the fabric and slowly use equal force to ease it to close. Don't be too brutal otherwise you may crack the rear perspex if it's gone brittle - if so, gently heat that too.

Cheers, Andrew

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21 minutes ago, Colin Pendle said:

Similar answer to Andrew, I used a decorators hot air gun (very carefully) to warm the fabric/vinyll and that cured the problem.

Lesson learnt, I always close the hood now when leaving the car parked up. 

Yes, I always leave the roof up, locked and poppered down over the winter period, it helps prevent shrinkage. 

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