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TR4A 1967 temperature gauge

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Hi Troops - a quick question that I hope you can help with.   My temperature gauge has been over-reading for some while and I ordered a new  85 degree temperature switch from RS Components.

The packet has arrived and it states 100 degrees and 100 is printed on the switch itself.   I've been on the 'chatline' to RS and it appears there is an error on their website specification for this item (it clearly states 85 degrees).   RS components don''t have 85 degrees, they do have 75 degrees.

I'm obviously no techie so not sure what to do?   Any advice very much appreciated as always.


PS - she did 1500 miles to Angouleme and back last year - so chuffed.   I didn't drive all the way! 

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Hi Christine,  don't really have any techie advice, but I do have an original Guage if you want one.

Cheers Conrad. 

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There seems some confusion here. Are we talking about a transmitter unit for the gauge or a temperature switch for an electric fan?

That item 50 from Moss is a transmitter for a temperature gauge. Item 29 is a temperature switch. 

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Hi All - a little knowledge is dangerous? But I am trying to learn :huh:

This is what I ordered from RS Components: Honeywell NO 15 A Bi-Metallic Thermostat.   I was told its called a temperature switch.  I had an electric fan fitted last year.

The Thermo Switch is similar to the one from RS Components but I see a range of temperatures.   Whats the betting I need the one that's out of stock?

Appreciate knowing what you think I should order from Moss.

Thanks for gauge Conrad but mine is ok (I hope)




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Hi Christine.

when an electric fan is fitted most people go for a new steel down pipe (item 29) with the integral boss for thermo switch (item 29A)



However your thermo switch could work is you had a suitable flat(ish) area to attach it to.  It would fit on an existing down pipe but not normally



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Ok I see where we are now. That Honeywell switch is no good for your application Christine. It opens at high temperature to break a circuit whereas you need one that closes to switch the fan on.

What did you have fitted with the fan? Was it a switch that poked a sensor under a hose like this?


If not and you have a pipe with the mounting boss  either IM50250  or IMO50120 would be fine - a couple of degrees either way isn't important. 


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Hi Christine, I'm not so good at anything electrical, however I think the best way forward and to relive any problems is to go with Roger H suggestion.

I live in a relatively hotter climate, in the winter I run the engine a little bit hotter(-with a Kenlowe-)and then change the thermostate for something a bit cooler in the summer to compensate for getting stuck in traffic. Possibly the best way for you, if you are still working on the car is to use a proper Kenlow variable switch. it is roughly the same as you have but as RobH states tthe honewell is working in reverse.

Good luck and happy motoring 


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