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Gearbox repair and enlightenment

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Well - with your help, the gearbox is out and is almost completely stripped down. 

Already I am somewhat more philosophical about the demise of 1st gear, as it has prompted me to delve into a gearbox for the first time and actually start to learn how the bloody things work... which has led to a few questions...

1. I can't figure out the function of the 'extra' little ball bearing and associated plunger in the 2nd gear synchro hub... it is described in the exploded diagram as being an interlock... my question is, interlocking what, exactly? I think that the 3 springs and ball bearings in the same hub are to hold the outer synchro collar thingo in 'neutral position',  but I can't figure out what the interlock ball bearing etc is for.

2. Another query relates to the washer that sits between 1st gear and the big bearing at the rear of the box.  The washer I removed is just a plain round washer... not the triangular shaped bearing shown in the exploded diagram (part # 060569).  Photo below.

3. Lastly - to replace the clutch fork securing bolt (which snapped off)... am I just as well re-tapping the hole in the fork to accept a metric hi-tensile ss bolt and use that?  Only issue I suppose would be drilling a hole for the lock wire... the old threads in the fork seem to have survived my drilling out of the original bolt.






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Re wiring the tapered Pin and fitting a roll pin,

This how I go about this, using a 4mm Roll Pin, done a number without issue.

Just a word, if you have any , and I mean any doubts about the fork, thanks to extra drilling or the cross shaft, replace them.

You don't want to pull the box out again, for less than £100 spent now!


wired overdrive 007.jpg

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